WEEK 1 – Three E’s Brainstorming

Week 1 has just ended with a guest lecturer, Astrid Scott, from ABC Research and Development (ABC R+D). She has given me such insightful ideas of how the future would become for the media and entertainment industry. One of the many ideas of the future that struck me was the future technologies in our homes. My brainstorm group was given the topic about experiences of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). One prime example of an augmented reality app that has been the recent craze in the world right now would be Pokémon Go.

With the ideas and dreams thrown out, we now have plenty of devices that we would never have thought could exist ten years ago. For example, the Samsung Oculus for virtual reality, Google Cardboard glasses, Solos smart cycling glasses and now the Google Tilt Brush. It is quite daunting to find out what’s next for us in the evolution of digital technology.

A few questions popped up during the discussion: How would VR / AR evolve from this stage of the digital revolution? What would it be like to have VR / AR as a norm? What sort of experiences will we get to create with these devices? Some ideas we have came up with were travelling with VR devices, experiencing augmented reality with glasses that allows you to walk your virtual pet, immersive narratives like Scott mentioned Storyscapes.



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