Project FOUR – The Progress #4

This week we had the last two meetings before the final day (D-DAY!). The first was on Monday (30th May 2016), where we presented our almost finished puzzles. We gave feedback on the instructions, whether they were clear enough to be understood or if it’s still messy and needs to be rephrased. It was a quick informal meeting because I had to rush to work. I had completed my puzzles already by then. I uploaded my puzzles up to the Google Drive and my team members tried solving the puzzles. Everything went well for my part so I was good to go.

Tuesday’s meeting was postponed to Wednesday due to Stefan having an emergency at work. On our final meeting, we did a round of testing all the puzzles with the narrative. I went ahead to solve Griffin’s match sticks puzzles. Let me just say, I was having the time of my life. Did I mention that I love puzzles? Yeah… Anyways, Steven, Farina and I went ahead and challenged the puzzles while waiting for Stefan to arrive. The instructions were somewhat unclear and because we were stuck on the previous puzzles, some of them became a little confusing. For example, the first puzzle required us to only MOVE the match sticks to create squares whereas the third puzzle was to REMOVE to match sticks. They were a little confusing so I failed to solve one before Griffin told me the answer because she figured her instructions were unclear so she showed us the answer instead. We revised her instructions and when Stefan tried it, it went smoothly. Stefan was on a roll with all those puzzles! I solved all the puzzles earlier so I tried “hinting” to Steven and Farina the answers. Well, Griffin found my hints very “creative”. I only just told them the answer but they all figured I was just being philosophical. The answer was really outside of that box. They were so fixated on removing the box inside the square when all they had to do was remove the matches that were OUTSIDE of that box. Needless to say, everyone was reduced to laughters due to my not-so-obvious hint. Griffin had a great time watching us suffer with her puzzles but they were interestingly unique and not at a mind blowing difficulty level.

Stefan arrived not long after and we moved into a classroom to practice the flow of our game. We played our video clips and went through our roles for the actual day. We did not officially test Stefan’s puzzles so we took the time test his puzzles. He had a target challenge and a information collecting challenge for his spec ops/comms role. We all had a go firing Nerf bullets to hit the target. I realised my hidden talent of aiming as I had 4 out of 5 points for the first puzzle. Hey! Guess I’m suitable for the tactician and spec ops role too! (Woohooo I’m an all rounder!) Because of that, we had doubts on our background story for our characters as well. Farina even mentioned the tactician was supposed to be a soldier in the past but Griffin scored 3 points (lol)! Fun and jokes aside, we had Stefan test all the puzzles after all the changes and it went smoothly and he got all the correct answers within the time limit. We also fixed Griffin’s final puzzle as well because one part did not make sense at all. We needed a clean transition for the puzzles.

After everything was finalised and having many bullets fired, we called it a wrap for the final meeting. Here’s to hoping for a well executed game when our lecturer tests the game this Friday! (fingers crossed.)

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