Project FOUR – The Progress #3

Video logs and audio logs ! We met at uni on a Friday morning to shoot our video log. We wanted a digital platform to help drive the narrative so Steven wrote up the script for the resistance’s leader. Griffin and I collaborated on finding the best lighting that would create a mysterious feel by creating a silhouette of the leader. Griffin took production courses prior to this so she had the most experience in lighting. We finished shooting within an hour and a half. Efficiency ! Well, it helped that we only had three small parts to film. Farina raised an interesting idea of recording our audios for the in-game experience for Dan so that we have proof recordings of the game experience to go with our project. So while we are to act as our characters on the day itself, we can also have an audio file to hand in with our project.

After the progress update on Wednesday, I tested Griffin’s puzzles and we worked on rewording her questions to give a clearer instructions on what the players should look at. The puzzles were relatively easy and requires a little bit of effort in thinking. I enjoyed the puzzles and the ideas Griffin came up with. Farina was working on the logo and the base layout. As she worked on the base layout, I realised there were three doors on the map and decided I should create puzzles for each door for the hacker to unlock.

Therefore, the puzzles I’m thinking of was becoming more complex like decoding audio wave files, creating a puzzle and circuit flows. Typically all those movies you watch on automated security doors, I visualise what it would need to unlock those type of machines in a simple puzzle. I’ve also simplified the sudoku and I might probably use riddles and hints to help the players.

That’s the end of the third update! Till next time.

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