Feeling Melodramatic – Reflect on Life

Such an exaggerated title post… Well recently I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been doing for the past 11 weeks as I start to approach Week 12. Seeing as it’s my final year and I only have one more sem till I graduate, it just feels a little nostalgic. I’ve taken cinema major subjects, attended three studios as well as chosen crazy electives that I both enjoyed and regretted. Out of three studios I have chosen, despite Story Lab being my second choice, I feel that it was the more interesting studio! True, the beginning was really dry and heavy, as Dan reminded us almost every week, but the theories and reasonings helps back your ideas.

Overall, this story lab has gave me the opportunity to create something I love to do. I have a keen interest in board games and puzzles. This project proved to me that there are many ways to tell a story rather than digital platforms like films and television. When the guest lecturer, Ben McKenzie, came in to gave us an overview of what he’s done, I was in awe. Honestly, I think I was amazed till I had no idea what questions to ask him at all. Everything was all so new to me. Growing up in a traditional, reserved family and country, you do not get much performing arts interest. My college had hosted an arts festival, me volunteering as an entertainment assistant manager, we had so much problems gathering sponsorships. Coming to Australia exposed me to the world of arts – from busking to art exhibitions/galleries and live games like Pop Up Playground.

As a budding filmmaker, taking a step away from the film narrative has given me a new insight of telling a story. Maybe one day, I would create puzzle narratives in my films as a combination. My essay on mind games being an agency of transmedia storytelling has sparked my interests even more than before in these puzzle elements. I had been experimenting on interactive videos but interactivity works passively as well ! Learnt that when I was doing my story lab essay.

Well, on the down side, I have been neglecting my other assignments because of this fun project! Still managed to finish them in time, don’t worry ! one logo design assignment done, another one test, one story lab project and one audio experimentation project to go! *shootmepls*

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