WEEK 10 – FEEDBACK + The Narrative

Week 10 was the week where we finally solidified our narrative. We have been going around the narrative, creating a rather complex story and then narrowing it down. The endless puzzle ideas have created a disorganised workflow and we were running out of time. It went on an endless loop of debates. Finally, as a group, we finalised the narrative and we stopped thinking of the puzzles that could  complicate story any further. We decided to fit the puzzles according to the narrative instead.

Before the meeting, I have created the first puzzle for ‘The Hacker’. This puzzle is a sudoku piece with a hidden password in it. The reason is to create a false sense of “algorithm” decrypting act. As a terrible hacker, I can only create puzzles based on number games I’ve come across before (DISCLAIMER: I have never learned to hack nor do I have the interest to be one in the future! …but they’re cool). I took 12 minutes to complete the puzzle. After solving the puzzle, I added a little flare by inserting a hidden password so it gives a sense of completed decryption. Bringing this puzzle to the table, we have finalised the narrative and since we have an overlap of “location” puzzles, I’m changing my hidden password to unlocking doors that have been shut tight during the lockdown.

At the same time, we received feedback for our pitch presentation that we presented in Week 8. It was a little disappointing but admittedly reasonable as our pitch was all over the place. We tried to keep information of our puzzles, in fear that we would have exposed our ideas too much. That led us to our slight downfall. During the feedback, we were told that we did not explain much of our puzzles and it was disappointing because we actually had the idea in mind at that time. All in all, it was a valuable experience that we should be as detailed as possible without giving out too much of our motifs.

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