Inner Thoughts: Crowdfunding – What?/How?

This interesting concept piqued my interest. My friend, Darren and I stayed back after presentation to ask Paul about his knowledge on crowdfunding. He suggested to look up Pozible, a crowdfunding organisation. I asked him if Kickstarter or Indiegogo were resourceful crowdfunding sites and he mentioned it was a possible suggestion. In my opinion, after listening to his advice, crowdfunding can be done in various ways. All we need to do is be resourceful and we must be able to pitch our ideas properly. A suggestion on criticising previous crowdfunded projects by Pozible was highly recommended. That way we could pick up on the mistakes the previous filmmakers have done and better them or learn from the ways they created the films.

I have helped out my friend who tried crowdfunding on Kickstarter but they did not reach their target so they had put their project on hold. She had proper casts and crew as well. The project was called My Name is Mulan. I was helping her in editing the videos for the kickstarter information page.

Here is the PILOT:


Click HERE to see the full channel.


Darren and I have two interesting side projects that requires a bit of budget. I have recently found out that Pozible is having a free workshop in crowdfunding. We have signed up for it, hoping to gain more insights on crowdfunding. We hope that this could possibly help us create a successful crowdfunding campaign for our videos. Paul had even offered to review our ideas (much appreciated!).

As for now, the only thing left to do is to review the past films crowdfunded by Pozible to gain more ideas in crowdfunding and start out our first few projects that we thought of creating during the holidays.



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