Sensory Deprivation Chamber: The Next Step in Mind Evolution?

What resembles a really futuristic-looking bathtub is actually a Sensory Deprivation Chamber.

Inside, a person floats in the dark, unable to hear, see and eventually, feel. What’s makes this person float is 8000 pounds of salt in the water, which is heated and maintained at skin temperature, so you eventually don’t feel it against your skin anymore.

The result: You feel ‘weightless’. It feels like your mind has been unlocked, unleashed, no longer withheld within the constraints of your body. There are no distractions to alter your thoughts. No sounds, no sights, no smells, no taste and no touch. What’s left are your thoughts.


Comedian and X-Factor host, Joe Rogan, explains his experience.


Firstly used to study more about the human brain, scientists wanted to find the origin of the brain’s energy source. What they stumbled upon was a method of relaxation, a mind-altering experience. From then on it has been used in the medical field as a tool for stress therapy, alternative medicine, and also meditation.

Week 6 : Tutorial

Today’s tutorial was pretty much the same as last week, with everyone grouping together to create a Niki entry. Had fun getting into a new group and we had a great idea to start a “fake” Facebook page for Robert Scoble, the most well renown technology-related online blogger.

Robert Scoble talking about AdStage.

Having a lot of fun with these niki entries, I find the most interesting aspect that I like about the assignment is that we can choose how to deliver our Niki messages. This promotes creativity and also a collaborative work space practice. It makes things more engaging and also provides us with the common practice of researching information thoroughly.