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I was very nervous to show my project to everyone in class, because it ended up becoming very personal and close to me. I’ve always had trouble sharing my work with others and I’m trying my best to overcome that anxiety. Anyway, it turns out that we were showing them alphabetically so mine was right at the end. The whole time I was worried about mine, because its very abstract and most of the ones that the class were showing were quite direct and straight-forward. I really loved the imaginative ways my classmates tackled the assignment, and after class I ended up watching even more of them from the Media One blog.

The feedback I received was very positive. One classmate said they liked that I did not show/tell the audience everything visually, referring to the shot of me dancing in the mirror. I was happy I got this comment because I deliberately framed that shot with the reading about closure, comics and the gutter in mind.

Generally everyone liked how I used repetition, which is a technique that I love in all art forms, and everyone seemed to ‘get’ what I was trying to do with it. I got another comment about my use of colour, and how it brought everything together, and also how my use of colour visually reflected the colours in my narration/poem. The last comment I remember was that someone described my soundtrack as ‘ethereal’ and that it really gave the piece a dreamlike quality.

Overall I am happy with the way this assignment has turned out, and I feel a lot better about sharing with the class. I can’t wait until the next assignment, which I have already started planning! More soon later 🙂


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