Project Brief 1 – Potter Mania

Like many of my friends including myself, we grew up reading and watching Harry Potter novels and movies. The people (mudgets as we speak) were first introduced to Harry Potter and his wizard world in 1997 when the first book was released.

Harry_Potter_and_the_Sorcerer's_StoneIt follows the adventures of a young orfan and his two best friends in the world of wizardry and witch-craft. The story is in chronological order starting from a young Harry until he kills Lord Voldamort who (also happens to kill his parents) is trying to conquer this magical world he’s a part of.

The book was an instant hit and fans were lying up to get the next volume when it released. The books are not just a story of good verses evil but it creates an entire world of its own. There are many themes that the book captures from death to coming to an age.


Hollywood as we know always cashes in on bestsellers and soon we had the first Harry Potter movie of its own. The books had generated a massive fan following which Warner Bros. counted on. With the movies Harry Potter brand was created. The words finally got the light of image. As the rest as we speak is history.

Harry Potter movies spoke to those fans who did not read the books and it is safe to say that the sale of books increased after the movies. There is always a person who loves reading, and there is always a person who prefers movie version.

With the movies came the video games on different platforms, enriching the Harry Potter experience. Now the fans can be Harry Potter themselves and live in this magical world. Each book has its own video game be it on PC or on Playstation. The video games hit the mark on young kids. I myself was a massive fan of those. Especially the Quditch Experience in Harry Potter and the Cambers of Secret video game.


For its marketing scheme, Warner Bros., started making Harry Potter merchandise, for example, the invisible cloak that Harry has, or Harry’s wand, or the Hat people wore at Hogwards and so on. Millions of people bought these merchandise and portrayed themselves as Harry or Hermoine or Ron. Harry Potter theme parks and Harry Potter theme parties were all round the corner.


The stories in the books are so enchanting people wanted to live in that world. These merchandise, video games, theme parties by fans created an alternate reality allowing fans to be a part of that world. Be it crazy but I can say that every group of friends had their own Harry, their own Hermoine, and their own Voldemoth.

Potter mania has subsided now, that the movies and the final books have been released, but its still itched in our memories. People of my generation have grown along with Harry and his friends. The lessons and the struggles in their stories are relatable with any kid who grew up reading or watching the movies.

Harry Potter has taught me many things, one of which is that life can be hard sometimes. So enjoy every moment in itself and don’t forget to make your friends a part of it, be is happy or sad. This is the very message i leave you with.

(Casts a spell) Avada Kedavra 


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