Looking at the documentation done for my online media use, it is clear that I am far more of a consumer than I am an online media author. So most of what I can look at and take from the documentation is the habits of a consumer and what they look for in content in the online media landscape. I can look at the different types of media that is available online, the frequency and its use to people in their day to day life. Now, networked media and this essay are more towards a focus on authoring, publishing and distributing content in the online space. So I have had to reevaluate the way I use online media, and turn it around in my evaluation to see how authorship works in that space. The different aspects and elements that are required to keep up, to put people into almost a habit of consuming your content, like I am with so many things in my media use as seen through my documentation. A key point when it comes to online authorship is, what is online authorship? It is something overlooked at how subtle it can be to have an online presence, to comment on a video on youtube, to begin a conversation with someone online who shared an article that peaked your interest. There are so many subtleties to it, but also so many big things that it can be used for, like running a business with multiple online platforms, some even being funded by the audience. To even begin to start authoring content online, you can be greatly benefitted by a basic understanding of what authoring can be.