Looking at outside of online media use as a consumer, as I did pretty much exclusively, I think it is just as if not more important to look at the online media use documentation as an online media author. The key underpinning thing that comes from the statements made in the first blog is; with all of the online content that is out there, and that every second continues to be published, how do you as an online media practitioner author content and get it seen by as many people as possible? How can you compete? Can you compete? Yes of course, but there must first be an understanding of the foundations of authoring content in the online space, and how to use and manipulate it. Authoring in the online media space, is so easy it can be completely overlooked as to what extent you are authoring something. From someone creating an article or video on YouTube, all the way to someone retweeting something they saw on twitter, you are authoring some sort of content in the online space. So when starting a business or creating a platform in the online space, it is important to be involved with various social media platforms to reach people, and be easily accessible. To allow people to have a voice, to captivate your audience and to allow interactivity between you, the consumer and them with each other. Viewing the way I look at my media consumption, I can look backwards as to how am I captivated? How do I get locked into to an author’s content? It is from here that I can start to pinpoint some ideas of how to effectively author in the online media space, by seeing how I consume my content and what helps to captivate me and keep me as a returning consumer.