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Week 13 – International Co-Productions & New Distribution Platforms

When it comes to the growth of international co-productions and the development of new distribution platforms, it is tough to say whether or not it is based on globalisation or just an opportunity for filmmakers to share their narrative to… Continue Reading →

Week 10 – Japanese Yakuza Film’s Transnationalism

Yakuza films are a genre of films, based around the international crime organisation based in Japan, Yakuza.  These films have been being developed in Japanese cinema and beyond since the 1920’s, and continue to be made in today’s cinema landscape…. Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Transnationalism and Gender

The ever changing representations of women throughout Asian Cinema has most certainly been influenced to a certain degree by Western culture and cinema. Both from a social standpoint, as well as a financial one, as transnational cinema has been growing…. Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Spectacle of Transnational Cinema

Transnational cinema is the move away from distinctive nationalistic cinema, towards a more universal system of cinema. This ‘universal’ system is influenced by a greater control of western cinema, pushing towards ‘Americanness’ becoming the identity of global cinema. Nationalistic and… Continue Reading →

Networked Media: Brief 1 Essay

Having a greater understand of how we use and consume content in the online media space, is essential to successfully authoring, publishing and distributing your own content online. As someone who consumes far more than he authors content, it is… Continue Reading →

Analysis blog entry 3 – Reflecting on the reflection

Looking at the documentation done for my online media use, it is clear that I am far more of a consumer than I am an online media author. So most of what I can look at and take from the… Continue Reading →

Analysis blog entry 2 – Evaluation

Looking at outside of online media use as a consumer, as I did pretty much exclusively, I think it is just as if not more important to look at the online media use documentation as an online media author. The… Continue Reading →

Analysis blog entry 1- Evidence

There is so much content available in the online media space that it becomes problematic for the consumer to be separated from it. A person interacting with the online space has no chance of keeping up to date with all… Continue Reading →

My Media Use – Day 7

Today was my lowest online media use for the week by far. My phone didn’t actually charge overnight so it was at a low percentage all day, meaning I had to ration my online usage for the day. I for… Continue Reading →

My Media Use – Day 6

Again it seems, I start my day, checking all my various social media for news and notifications. You’d think I would’ve done something different, now that I am more self aware than ever since I’m writing these blogs about it… Continue Reading →

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