Online Video…what is that? – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

What is it?

A series created by Jerry Seinfeld that involves him selecting a car that will appeal to the guest; a fellow comedian, and driving them to a café or restaurant for coffee.

It is notable as it is a television-quality web show that takes elements of television, such as the production values and season structure, and combines them with the freedom of the web, such as varied episode length and wider distribution.

Are the videos an appropriate length?

In my opinion the videos are an appropriate length in that most episodes are around 10-15 minutes; roughly the length of a coffee break.

Why are they suited to online rather than traditional distribution methods?

It is suited to online because of its content; it’s a relaxed show with very little criteria (A comedian, a car, a coffee shop). By making it as a TV show, episodes would be forced to be of a certain length and the addition of commercials would disrupt the flow of the show.

Do people watch it?

As of January 2015, the series had surpassed 25 million streams.

How can the show be watched?

I’ve personally watched it on my phone, smart TV, laptop and tablet so the show can be watched on any online device that streams video.

Being online does it allow for reordering and re-imagining?

The show has been reedited by the developers into shorts called Single Shots, where clips of episodes are collected into 3 minute videos about a particular topic.

Is it a new concept?

The concept is new based on a DVD extra Seinfeld had developed in 2002, where he filmed himself and a friend, making a return trip in a car, from New Mexico. He said the idea was an experiment as a guess of what would be entertaining.

Where does the video appear on the web/Can it easily be found?

The video appears on the Crackle website itself, the website and on YouTube.

Is it a big or small production?

It is a small production with a budget of roughly $100,000 per episode.

Does it appeal to the intended audience?

As the show is short enough to be watched in a break, it appeals to its audience as it is exactly what it is about; two friends chatting over coffee. It is a real activity that people can relate to.

Does the format work?

The format works because it is simple and to the point, both in its subject manner and its presentation; the title describes the show. Also being online means no commercial breaks and no intervention by the network allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the conversation.

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