My method of working Pt. 12

For the cafe scene, I was thinking of using this cafe called ‘Friends of Mine’ Cafe in Richmond. The colour in this scene would consist of yellows, oranges etc. The actress’ hair is blonde as well, so ilbrea-l-610x610-dress-dolce+gabbana-almond+blossom+print+sun+dress-floral-yellowI will utilise that someway as well when I colour correct later. I would have her in a yellow sundress. I will most likely need to go to an opp shop to find something that is a proper yellow that I am looking for. I will also look polo-ralph-lauren-red-plaid-shirt-product-1-15741543-497092243_large_flexfor yellow props that can be incorporated into the scene. I want the boy to wear a plaid type shirt that is a bit worn. They will both have jackets or jumpers that they will take off throughout the scene. But I won’t show them taking them offFriends-of-Mine-, they will just have it tied around their waist in the next scene. I need to go into the actual store and request permission for filming in this location. If they agree, I will need to take a lot of photos of where the couple will sit, where they will walk, etc. I don’t want to include the waiters or waitresses conversing with the two. If I did include interaction with the workers, I would have only them pouring water into their glasses.
I like the idea of little things around them being yellow as well. I would have yellow drinks on their table, or something like fresh lemonade with yellow straws as the cafe exterior and furniture is all yellow.

San_Pellegrino_S_537642f10afee imagesE-Straw-Yellow-Sunshine-3-MED





f4-2Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.31.08

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.13.58

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