My Method of Working Pt. 11

IMG_0004I thought about filming the two actors from front on, on their bikes, but also¬†through the perspective of a tram. It gives the viewers the ‘observative’ perspective that separates us from the intimate closeness of the camera.

I am going to the country this weekend and have decided that I can utilise this time to film the two actors in the second part of the scene (The riding the bikes part).
They will both be there on the weekend so I thought, I might as well try and utilise the amazing country side to film.¬†Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.09.46I may not necessarily use this location in the actual film, but it is rather beautiful and very Australian. Even though I would film in a lot of other locations, the audience doesn’t need to know that they are not the same spot. I’d show the two walking or cycling through this area before they got to the cafe, end location. This could also be where they end up at the end of their date. I feel that I will film as many different possibilities at this location just in case of any instances that may arise.



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