My Method Of Working Pt. 7

After today’s 3 minute proposal, I have received feedback in regards to my concepts and need to decide whether I want to write an essay about the theories of colour or shoot a film that puts into practice these theories.
If I made a film I would love to make something that was aesthetically amazing to look at, rather than having a specific idea of narrative. If I wrote an essay, it would be because I want to better my knowledge of cinematography and more specifically that of the use of colour. Because colour is such a broad topic, I may choose to write about two or three colours specifically i.e. red as symbolism in films.
I have two actor friends that I could use to film my scene and I know that they work very well together.
I still have a lot to figure out and need to further develop my own deconstruction of my thoughts.
I need to also consider lighting as lighting has an important role in showing colour.

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