Integrated Media Week 11 Symposium Questions

When are the key considerations when constructing a multiliniear work?
-You need to leave open the invitation to explore.
-How the videos connect with one another to make sense
-The interface reflecting the work
-What videos you choose to include or not include (What not to show is often as important as what you choose to show)
-How you choose to ‘end’ it
-What platform you choose to portray the work. i.e Korsakow
-What are the different threads and what layers do you want to include
-How do you curate the direction of the work for the audience
-Is it open for interpretation or does it have a beginning, middle and end?
-Spacial Montage
-How you choose to index the key words
-Regularity, thinking about fragments of the individual clips. What are their clip lengths, do they relate to one another in design?

In class Questions

1. If you could sum up everything you feel we should have learnt this semester in one sentence, what would you say?
2. What is the motivation for viewers/users to seek out interactive documentaries, or apps like “mappiness” as opposed to trailing through the “sea of data” to view regular documentaries?
3. In these types of interactive documentary, do the same rules around ethics apply for film makers as they do in traditional documentary?
4. Although video content on the web has opened doors for documentary filmmakers will it ever receive the same amount of coverage and praise as traditional documentary films?

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