Korsakow Film Bright Splinters- essay

Korsakow Film- Bright Splinters

Upon first clicking into the Korsakow film, Bright Splinters,  an ambient and relaxing sound plays over the clips.

The film consists of eight rectangular shaped interfaces. One interface is displayed on a larger scale and is the main focus to watch. The clips are displayed with the large interface down to the left of the screen with three smaller interfaces running horizontally above it and four interfaces running vertically to the right of it. All interfaces have a rectangular shape.

The large and main thumbnail moves and is in colour. It is the main focus to watch, whilst the other seven thumbnails are black and white and still. If you hold your cursor over the still and smaller thumbnails the image moves, and you get a short preview of the video and sound. If you click on the image this visual will become displayed on the large interface frame, and the videos connected to this will be displayed in the smaller interfaces around it.

The overall feeling is that of tranquility and calm. All clips have a consistent theme of light (Bright Splinters). There is pattern in this korsakow in terms of what clips are displayed at the same time. Upon entering the film, I was presented with a close up shot of a girl smiling with light hitting her face. This clip was presented in the biggest thumbnail which served as a link to the surrounding clips. The seven thumbnails around the large one were clips of everyday city life, for example, a train approaching a station, an old  woman on a tram, the city high rises, the fountain at the National Gallery of Victoria etc. These clips have the pattern of being in the city.

I then clicked on the thumbnail of the train approaching the station. That interface then moved to the main frame and the theme/pattern of ‘public transport’ replaced that of the previous ‘city’ theme. The clips of the woman on the tram remained as that matched both patterns of ‘city’ and ‘transport’. I decided to look for more patterns within the interfaces so I clicked on a link from the pattern of ‘transport’ which consisted of people on a tram. This then became the main interface. I then found myself in new patterns which revolved around ‘people’, ‘water’ ‘movement of light’ etc . As well as finding links and connections, I also found that some of the links and connections to certain clips, were confusing and I couldn’t form an obvious pattern as it was varied.

There is something very beautiful about all of these clips. The clips captures light in the every day world. Moments that happen every day suddenly seem very important and meaningful as the ambient and slightly sad music plays over the clips.

Another pattern I noticed was that of ‘lives’ running out on the main interface. The main interface only has one life so you can only see the clip once. This forces you to move on and click into another interface.

I couldn’t find much that I didn’t like with these clips, I felt that they chose the right amount of thumbnails to choose from and I really liked the added aesthetic quality of the added sound track. I felt they had a good variety of the types of clips to choose from.


In particular my favourite is that of the un-suspecting old woman being filmed on an old tram. The light pours around her as the tram moves. Another clip that I like, is that of what I suspect is two people in love at the cinema. You can see the light from the ceiling on their heads and the wide cinema screen in front of them. The camera then pans out to the illuminated crowd in the rows around the person filming.

I think overall the film was made well. It is about every day life and parts of every day life such as people, the city, water etc.



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