experimental films?

In cinema studies we had to do this reading and watch the films mentioned in it. I wouldn’t say they were bad films, but i will say i did not enjoy them. I understand what the reading talks about how there are 2 types of experimental films one being association, abstract and the other rhythmic. I find that experimental films work much in the same way how a song can display a narrative through the way it is put together rather than the images being shown. Some of the films were quite creepy and ominous in a The Ring sort of way where its just creepy because it’s wierd. This reading also explained the difference between plot, story and narrative which i thought were all the same, but the minor differences such as diegetic and non diegetic sounds and visuals add onto each other in turn distinguishing them from each other. I find that this is a prime example of an example of what Adrian was talking about taxonomies and how we should create new terms for each new thing on what they do. First starts off with plot then as we add on more and more we get the story and the narrative. In the case of experimental films though i find taht these 3 terms are blurred as story would be the authors original intent, but then narrative could be completely different due the range of sounds and imagery actually used.

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