what do i desire, Film and TV

What do i want out of Film-TV1? I chose this subject in hopes of attaining the skills needed in order to work in a filming environment as well as the production skills and tasks involved with it. I believe my editing and filming skills are mediocre at best and hope i am able to learn and enhance that skill set.  i hope my work and content which i produce will be up to standard or if its not i would like to be critiqued in why and what i could of done better.  I hope to achieve a Distinction or above in this subject as i believe this subject is the one i looked forward to the most out of this Media course.

I didn’t attend the first lecture due to a doctors appointment so I am sorry i am unable to answer the 2nd question

An interesting point which I found in the Narrative reading in week 1 was the deconstruction of character roles in 8 simple roles. I found that it was Protagonist vs Antagonist, but then instead of having a collective group of supporting cast the writer separates them into specific roles. I found that these specific supportive roles were all enablers allowing the story to progress either by providing the motivation, help, conflict or reward. Another interesting point was that the most engaging stories were the one where the roles were sometimes combined to be 2 in 1, the most notable example was “Psycho” in which Norman Bates provided the aid as well as being the villain himself. An idea which was poignant was the fact that narrative does not revolve around the story or plot alone, everything as a whole can contribute to the narrative. The writer mentions how during advertisements the character themselves give off a narrative through their costume design and the persona in which they portray in the brief 30 seconds they are on screen. I like their comparison of a video game and the narrative in which it can provide. In Networked Media last semester i actually wrote about  it in here http://www.mediafactory.org.au/tony-mai/2013/09/26/games-and-its-hidden-narrative/ give it a read if you think it is relatable. Growing up in a generation of computer games i found that narratives are constructed whether the game is meant to have one or not. Much like how sports have cinderella stories driven by underdogs etc… so does gaming.

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