Profanity ahead

Swearing was such a big giant boo boo as a kid, everything even minor was regarded as a profanity; damn, oh my god and even crap. Being in this transition generation between lack of technology and the rise of the internet, i was able to see myself as an individual as well as younger generation develop a higher tendency to swear. I saw a funny image recently of how Australian’s call their mates c__ts and their enemies mates. Growing up as a teenager, this is ironically so true. Maybe not the older generation, but this generation and evenyounger is quite crass. I do believe there are some situations where swearing is not a neccessity, but it does feel good to say it. When you jam your finger or do something unwanted that sudden burst of “f__k’ or ‘s__t” is more than necessary, what other word or words would be appropriate for that situation. Nothing. I’m no angel myself when i speak or type casually, you might even say or label me as crude or uncultured at times, but i do believe swearing is a necessary part of social communications. The type of swearing i can’t stand is using f or s (lets just abbreviate them to 1 letter for a more sensible discussion) as adjectives for no reason in their speak e.g let me check my fing phone. Just a minor rant.


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