Readings: Design Fiction, the tools in designing and fictional world

This reading really interested me as a whole as it related to designing the set or the world of a fictional world in which to suspend disbelief. We see this every time we go to the movies or go to watch anything not set in our current time. Even though the article mainly refers to the creation of a sci fi or futuristic design, i believe this still affects the past. We read about the mechanical inventions and the use of ancient equipment all through history classes, but we still do not fully understand how they are used in a realistic setting. Through design fiction, the creation of these worlds and atmospheres lure us in and immerses us in alternate worlds much like reading a book. When we read a book we design our own fiction, the characters clothing, their weaponry, their food, what they smell like? The list goes on and on.

I recently watched The Furious Gods, a documentary about the creation of Prometheus. This reading really backed up and solidified Ridley Scott’s stand point and creative thinking. Every single illustration concept art was highly criticised. If their was a tentacle there or a pillar, he would ask why? What is it there for? Does the design make sense in a realistic environment or is it just unnecessary artistic cover ups?

These design philosophies allow these fictional worlds to become believable. Artists draw inspiration from real life working models, why change what is not broken? However, as the second reading states “Fiction is the testing ground for reality”. In a way i found this to be a very key concept, yet it kind of pulls away from the “Normalise to persuade”. We normalise to make it seem realistic, but what is fiction then being unrealistic? I understand their viewpoint of just because its not real doesn’t mean it has to be illogical.

All in all this reading was highly engaging, both of them actually. Maybe I’m not getting the hidden message of these readings, but they are sure intriguing.

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