The day of the seminar came around and we felt quite prepared for the day ahead. The group worked really well to help create a stress free environment for the other members of the group and of course the guests. Prior to the seminar we went up to the level 3 computer room to print off some instagram cut outs which i edited together and printed off to have on the tables in the seminar. After that I went to meet up with Sarah and take her to the rest of the group to meet up with them and so that Ned could prep them for the seminar. We set up in the theatre and James and Brian helped me get set up with the camera at the back of the room which I would film on for the seminar. I think the seminar went really well, and Ned did an awesome job despite his short preparation time. There were a few things that we obviously would have done differently if we had another go but alot of them were things that we wouldn’t have known until the seminar had taken its course. Things such as seating arrangements and twitter participation but I think it went well regardless which is reflective on our feedback score.

I think I sufficiently participated in the group for this task, which was easy because it was such a great group to work with. I’m happy with how the final seminar went and I think most importantly people who were there got a lot out of it, I know i certainly did. I obviously haven’t seen all the seminar series yet, although I found the seminar series kind of helpful. I was a bit disappointed with this as my final semester course outline as I was really hoping to make something that could help my future career pathways, a substantial piece of work in the field that i would like to move into perhaps?! I don’t know. It was great working with my group though as they were a great bunch and we worked really well together.


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