Post Effects

From my last shorts and docos I have never achieved anything consistent, more so for the exposure and colour correction, that could be more actual filming. To help this I downloaded a add on for my camera that showed zebra patterns for over exposed areas which worked great. I kept on track with my other restrictions being a consistent aperture, an iso no higher than 400 and consistent frame rate and shutter speed for either slow motion or normal. This helped a lot this time around for colour correction and consistency throughout. I did try to film one of my characters floating which I was going to include however, I used artificial lighting for the shot to help brighten the green sheet, once edited the shot looked out of place aesthetically so I decided not to include it in. As for the other parts, I added on a slight sharpen on all of the images as the DSLR produces quite a soft image. I also put on a slight film grain and a applied a wider aspect ratio which helped give it a more cinematic feel. Overall I am pleased with how it turned out and I believe I worked within my method of working which makes TOM HAPPPPPPY.


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