New Direction

Prior to filming, I had this idea in my head of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to have included in the scene. Originally I wanted to have a voice over, as well as a shot of the main character getting a school photo for the montage as well as a section at the end where the character would wake up from limbo. After filming all of these shots I began to realise what worked well and what didn’t which was serendipitous in a way, a aspect I wanted to explore. The three things I mentioned above are sections of the film I have chosen not to include. The photo scene and the end sequence were to literal, which was bought up by Paul and some other peers in my class which I thought was very true. As for the voiceover, it still could have worked but I think trying to write a script for it or having someone make one up would have been to much of a hassle and after watching it with pure environmental sounds I think it works really well without it, it definitely leaves more up to the imagination which is something as a viewer that I like in films. I am truly happy with how it has turned out though, I like the consistency and it is also a story that has themes I am very interested in / passionate about.


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