After I finished filming I was able to tell what sort of soundtrack and sounds that I wanted to accompany the different shots. For the dream sequence I instantly thought of the film Gravity as the soundscape really resonated with me, or should I say the lack of sound (which I actually found is still sound). Very rarely are there films that have absolutely no sound accompanying a shot, I found at the very least there will be some low level white noise or environmental sound. In Gravity there is also the sound that leads to the silence which is really important to create the that ‘silent effect’. Whether it’s a ‘whooshing’ sound or an increase in the sound level, this cut harshly next to silence and say a cut in the footage as well, creates a very effective silent effect. This is something I want to incorporate into my dream sequence scenes. With the editing I have already done, I found this neat trick to help widen the sounds in the film, or make them appear that way. Instead of having one mono sound straight down the middle, which I had done in past, I used different sections of the same sound (It had to be a consistent sound with not too much variation) and use final cuts stereo settings to pan them left and right. This worked really well to create a larger atmosphere, something that I noticed is used in pretty much all movies now (silly Tom). For the soundtrack, I tried three different tracks, the first was one I had made for a previous project, the second was a new one I had made and the third was one straight from the tree of life. I did really like the one from tree of life, I took into account that the production was a lot better, but the religious choir sort of gave the whole scene a different aesthetic which I really liked, it gave it religious undertones without trying to look to much more into it. I am currently working on a track that samples the Tree of Life one, hoping to create something similar but different.


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