Film Day – Cape Patterson

For the shoot itself, I drove down the night before with the two actors so that I could get up in the morning and shoot on the beach around sunrise. It all worked well, I know one of the actors wasn’t a morning person but he still managed to get up at 6 and head to the beach. It was quite lucky actually because it was relatively cloudy but that helped accentuate the sunrise and also it poured down later in the day as well. Once we got home Nic went back to bed and I looked through the footage. At about 11 we got back into filming the inside scenes where Nic would enter the dream state and come back into reality. I used a combination of the shoulder mount, steadicam and tripod on carpet (aka dolly). For the shots of Daniel, i used the shoulder mount and for nick i used the steadicam, it probably isn’t that noticeable in post as the camera movements are always moving, however i did that to separate the characters as being in different stages in limbo. This all went well without too much trouble, I used to big lights for behind Nic once he entered my made up state. This worked really well, and created a very dreamy aesthetic. Overall the day of filming went well, and the actors also did really well and they didn’t get to restless etc. Now for post


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