K – Films – First Impressions = GANG$TA


The K – Films are generally really interesting and quite abstract in terms of the the subject material and the layout. Like the Aston reading described, all the K – Films i viewed all required me to be an active part of the documentary process, allowing me to uncover it’s parts.

Market (2012)

The market was a tour of a market depicting different stalls from an array of angles.

Positive – I’m not sure if it was intentional but the suspense that the short videos created made me feel uneasy in a good / exciting way.

Negative – Too small, repetitive, no diversity. The hypertext mode of this K-film helped clearly navigate through the documentary piece however it didn’t provide much, if any diversity.

LIFE (2010)

Obstacles of life

– Gangster Music / Lyrics / Relating to visuals – The participatory and hypertext element of this K- film had me constantly engaged with the information and story being told. I found more variety with the exploration role I played with the different music and text shown.

I can see what adrian was saying about the basic functions of the Korsakow program while viewing the K-films. I like this idea because it helps you focus on what the creators are trying to say with their videos rather then the technical aspect. I’m usually the first to try and figure out the hardest and most visually enticing action that new software can create so it will be better for me to stick with the basics and focus on the placement, size and audio that will be present in the K-film and what the configuration can show.


Here are some points I gathered from theĀ Setting the field (Aston and Gaudenzi) reading.

Definition of i-Doc – A documentary that uses digital interactive technology by means of portraying or realising the intention. This was considered quite a broad definition although it later states that the viewer is placed within the artefact and plays an active part in the i-doc.

The importance of these different modes allows the creator to construct a very different construction of reality where the viewer is in control, deciding which path they choose in order to uncover what the documentary has to offer.

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