Comedy News in Australia

Only 3 days ago I submitted the following vlog for my Popular Culture class, outlining some of the influence and power that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has on the American public and the political landscape in the US. At the end of the vlog I mention that Australia is yet to see a hard hitting, valid and credible equivalent.

As if on cue, yesterday I ran into the first episode of The Weekly on YouTube. The shows first aired on 22nd April of this year (5 days before I posted my Vlog), and in my opinion has potential to fill the vacancy in satirical but powerful ‘fake news’ programming in Australia. In the following clip, Charlie Pickering clearly outlines very valid points, and some harsh truths in a well thought out, well researched and well written piece.

There are obviously signs that the show is very young (only one episode) but I think that the program shows some promise. It will be interesting in the coming months to see how the show grows and what impacts it may have.


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