How to add Audio/Visual Media to your Blog

As I am new to the blogging scene, I am exploring how to use my blog and the many functions that it provides. I was pleased to discover that the way to upload or embed images, videos, or audio to a blog post is actually a very simple process.



Uploading images, audio, or video content of your own is easy.

1. Click to Add New Post.

2. Click on the section of your post where you would like to insert the media, then click the Upload/Insert option.

3. Drop media in the Add Media pop-up box.

4. Insert into post.

Images will appear in the post directly, like this…



While for audio and video, a link should appear. By clicking on the link you will be directed to a media player to play the file. It will become a hyperlink like this: Test clip

The upload/insert function allows you to upload any media up to 19MB in size.

Please note: It is only legal to upload media that you are the copyright owner to! If you want to share someone else’s work, you must use the media off an online hosting website such as youtube, vimeo, or flickr.


HOW TO EMBED MEDIA (from a web hosting site)

If you would like to share media from a web hosting site such as youtube or soundcloud, then:

1. Click ‘Share’ on the hosting site to find the URL of the media clip.

2. Copy and Paste the URL into the blog post.

The media should then appear with its own player just like below…



Voila! There you have it. Easy as pie 🙂


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