Week 4

This week we had a meeting to discuss how much we have all done in our roles. I have written up a draft and very brief intro however there isn’t much I can do until our guests are locked in. I have also got some general questions to ask the guests that are particularly beneficial to students graduating:

Did you ever complete an internship when you were starting out? How can you ensure that you stand out and do the best you can in an internship?

When was a time when you thought to yourself, you had made it in the industry?

I think questions like these will be a lot more beneficial to students rather than questions that ask about the guests current jobs. Although it is interesting where our guests are at in their career, personally I’d like to know a few tips of getting my foot in the door!

Within this meeting I worked with a couple of other students to plan the structure of the overall seminar. I suggested that we do a ‘Graham Norton’ show layout so all three guests can talk to each other and bounce off each other’s answers. It would be a lot more engaging to hear the three guests interact about their experiences rather than them almost give a speech one by one.

I also offered a discount I can get at Krispy Kreme donuts for catering during our event and am looking into prices of that currently.

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