Week 8 Story Lab: Progress Report

Now we have allocated roles and set out what everyone needs to do. We each have to create 5 fake Facebook accounts for the party photos and event, I have to find a diary and make a plan of how to go about it.

We have also decided as a group to cut out the webisodes of the point of view of the mother and the neighbour. We have cut out everything that is ‘fake’ and not supposed to be interpreted as real life media. I think we are better off doing this because we had a lot on our plate for just a few weeks, and making not one but two or there short films is a lot to take on. Locations were also a problem as we couldn’t find two houses next to each other that we could use.

With the diary I am planning to connect the fake facebook accounts people are making with the people Connor mentions in his diary. I will create personalities around them and significant histories with some, which could create another pushing off point for the Facebook event.

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