The Story Lab Week 6

Our pitch is done and ready for next week.

We have a lot of different parts to our project and I am a little unsure how many of them are necessary. However, I am especially excited for the diary and have found inspiration in a television program called “The Fall”.

“The Fall” is a television program that follows the life of two people; a detective and a serial killer. They remain anonymous to each other. What I find interesting in this TV show is that the writers manage to make you feel sympathy for the serial killer. You get an insight to his life and although he does really bad things, he seems quite normal at times. It plays with your emotions and makes you feel unsure about the whole situation. He also keeps a journal filled with the women he is obsessed with. A lot creepier than we are planning to execute though, the serial killer keeps hair clippings and naked photos of the women’s dead bodies. It is his little secret that he keeps very close to his hear, above his daughter’s bed.


Other than the diary we are planing to create the following to aid our story:

Facebook photos of the event where he goes on a murder spree.

News report.

News coverage piece, a “tell-all” story.

Webisode with the point of view of the Mother and the neighbour.

Video Logs.

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