Bacon and numbers. My most loathed and most highly adored things come together at last.

I was checking out The Oracle of Bacon for an embarrassingly long time, trying to find some impressive degrees of separation. I tried cheating by entering the number of links I wanted, but it just said “I’m not giving you the answers that easily. Find them yourself”, which I guess is a fair call. Anna Wintour was 4 Bacon numbers from KB, which I was surprised by, but in hindsight makes sense because she isn’t an actress… My initial technique was to try old films, then obscure films, then short films, then short Australian films, then short Australian films with amateur actors, but even this got me no more than a 3!

Trying to work out my own Bacon number, I think I must be a 4. I directed and wrote a film with Nick Colla in it, and his connection to Bacon is below.


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