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that week 11 reflection I was supposed to do earlier
Things are finally coming together, which is a big relief because I have been very stressed about it. Last week we had a very productive meeting on Friday after still not having everything together on Wednesday when we were supposed to. But what we d (More)
the implicit danger of crossing the road
So I love a metaphor, most writers do, I really don't understand writers who don't love a metaphor I mean how are you supposed to convey stuff to people if you can't compare it to something else. So, crossing the road. When you cross the road ther (More)
if the sharks eat me here's what I didn't get done
So things have kicked off. I feel like I've jumped into the deep end of the pool and then immediately forgotten how to swim, and oh by the way the swimming pool people imported sharks yesterday and I have ten minutes (or two weeks) until they eat me. (More)
an update?
So, I don't know if we are supposed to do a blog post this week, but either way I find it weirdly relaxing so I'm doing one. It helps me untangle my thoughts. So the group project has been going well, or at least I think it has, I don't know what my (More)
the things that I actually learnt (assessment 2 reflection)
  I think as artists we concentrate on perfection. On making a consumable, finished product, because we have to merchandise our skills to live in this capitalist world and so we learn to be better. We learn to be perfect.   But whe (More)
I kept it simple this week. The concept of an essay film was one I struggled to grasp and to be honest I'm still not sure that I got it (I feel like I end up saying that a lot). This has been a bad week, so it makes sense that that was the vibe I lat (More)
Reflections on Phenomenology (assessment 1)
Before I gave my presentation I was definitely shaking. Anxiety washed over me as I went through phases of calm panic, and intense panic, I assure you the two are different. It's not new, but I'm usually a confident presenter, I guess it was the cont (More)
Content Warning: how film can violate the body
content warning: suicide, self-harm, gore (blood), wooziness inducing images, consent issues, sharp objects, screaming   Phenomenology considers that “tactility is a mode of perception and expression wherein all parts of the body commit th (More)
Non-Representational Theory (and failing better)
This photo engages both with representational and non-representational theory. If I was to consider this image in representational terms it is simply a blurry ph (More)
Soft Choreography - Wk1 Reflection
The essence of what we talked about in soft choreography this week seems to be the relationship a work has with an audience. Therefore as an artist when we create a work we have to ask, 'what is our responsibility to the audience'? But to further thi (More)
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