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Blog Post - Week 8
Week 8 - Networked Video Shiba Charmy – massage, 2020 Who is the practitioner and when were they practicing? The practitioners I have chosen to analyse are the users behind the Instagram account @shiba_charmy, a vlogging account run by the f (More)
Week 8 - Zach Lower
Who is the practitioner (what is their name?) and when were they practising? The practitioner I have chosen to analyse is Zach Lower, a photographer and videographer out of Brighten UK. Lower publishes his work to both his Instagram (More)
When Fandom Overrides Privacy (Week 8)
We’ve talked about privacy among youth and now we’ve learnt about fandoms. But there’s a point where some fans (stemming from a culture of irrationality) choose to invade their idol’s privacy. Such as when the stars of SKAM (2015), a hit Norwegian s (More)
Audience Relations (Week 8)
Younger generations have been conditioned to be critical thinkers and to ask questions. They are usually the active audience known for: complexity of viewing activity cultural competencies sociocultural context of viewing Modern shows (More)
Shaping My Interview (Week 8)
In this week’s workshop we were to give the other people feedback on their project brief 3. However, my partners were still editing so I chose to get feedback from the whole class instead. feedback: -change structure to find narrative I wasn’t hap (More)
Who is the practitioner (what is their name?) and when were they practicing? Rachel Ryle (rachelryle on Instagram) is an illustrator, animator, and storyteller. More)
Assignment 2 - Review
Name: Amanda Thai s3656343 I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration – More)
Week 8: Online Video and Being Human
Like last week, I had to go out and find this Instagram videographer. Once again, back to the listicles. This practitioner was number 4 on a list of More)
WEEK EIGHT: Online Video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxfZkMm3wcg Who is the practitioner (what is their name?) and when were they practicing? The chosen practitioner for this week is Casey Neistat, an American based Youtuber, filmmaker, vlogger and entrepreneur. I’ (More)
Let's See What You Got
It’s Week 8 and I finally have a story that I like - and it has actually stuck with me. For the past few weeks, I have come up with short stories and individual scenes here and there from the writing exercises we’ve had in class and some I’ve writt (More)
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