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Blog Post - Week 4
Had my first online class for Networked Media today. It’s a strange feeling having to wake up early to catch a live stream on my computer, as I’m used to considering computer time as my own. Never thought I’d be saying this, but I’d honestly rather t (More)
Week 4 - Updates for the Sake of Updating
"[New media encompasses] all kinds of media formats as long as they are... evolving" - Siapera, 2012. Again the idea that social media always has to be updating comes up. Is that why Instagram switched the activity and private message buttons aro (More)
'Old's Cool' Visit (Week 4)
I've chosen to visit the third years in the ‘Old’s Cool’ media studio. The basis of this class is to consider ‘New Media Innovation from Old Media Principles’. The third years showed examples of their parents’ or grandparents’ audio formats they most (More)
New Approach (Week 4)
The whistling in my rough cut is super loud, while other audio clips aren't loud enough. I tried fixing this but my computer went kaput. I’ve reduced the size of my Premiere playback and it’s made rendering easier. Also, I've previously written about (More)
NM #4 New Media
New media… New media is on everyone’s tongue. New media affects our everyday life. New media plays a major role in our lives. But the term makes me wonder. (More)
#4 New media
We often hear people talk about new media and how they have affected our way of living and become an important part of everyday life. But what is “new media”? I find that the term is very vague and is interpreted very differently by different people. (More)
In Eugenia Siapera's "Understanding New Media", she contends that 'understanding media ... means understanding humanity' (2013, p.2). With this in mind, Siapera (2013, p. 2) goes on to explain that 'understanding new media is expected to lead to an u (More)
Assignment 1 - Annotated Bibliography
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration - https://www.rmit.edu.au/students/support-andfacilities/student-support/equitable-learning-serv (More)
#4. Social Media
“An important part of this shift has been the realisation that media was no longer delivered in a sealed package to audiences but that audiences played a participatory role in its creation.” - Understanding Social Media by Sam Hinton and Larissa Hj (More)
Week 4: Heroes, Villains and Social Media
I often try to ensure these posts have some kind of narrative, some flow or progression. I'm a writer; I build stories out of everything. Over the last year, I have started writing in the form of nonfiction. When writing nonfiction, I've noticed that (More)
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