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Blog Post - Week 3
Not much to say about class today, given that I ended up missing it. Of course, in the midst of a significant health crisis, I just so happen to catch a cold. Luckily I can confirm (at least to myself) that it is just a cold, as all the symptoms are (More)
Week 3 - Putting the Network in Networked Media
As I sit here this week, with the majority of my classes being postponed or delivered online, I thought I would struggle to think of something to write about. But it's because of the highly networked environment in which I reside in that my everyday (More)
Giving Feedback (Week 3)
Right now I struggle to provide constructive feedback because I can't criticise work that's creative and artful. Especially in a self-portrait, which (More)
In Progress (Week 3)
I received helpful feedback on my Haiku video, which I'll apply to my self-portrait project. It’s been difficult to edit on Premiere Pro because my (More)
The Edit (Week 3)
I have considerable interest in video editing. Before I never really thought of the editing process as anything more than correcting (More)
Haiku Project (Week 2)
Trying to edit this short video was a fun experience. I've only ever used the basic programs. After watching tutorials and practising, I've memorised where most shortcuts are located in this software. https://youtu.be/dQrqjlRRj68 The haiku I've (More)
NM #3 Affordance
In this week, we have focused on affordances. Affordance is a concept or a tool that can be used to analyze functionality in objects. The analyze is abo (More)
The Capitol // Assignment 1
What is your interpretation of the term 'oral history'? I understand oral history as a research method that collects, documents and interprets testimonies and memories through oral interviews. It is about documenting history retrospect. The advant (More)
#3 Affordances
The term ‘affordances’ seems like a simple concept. It explains what you literally and physically do with an object. It explains the object’s physically possible functionalities. In our everyday life we do not usually wonder about the affordances of (More)
This marks my first class for this elective. I'm working backwards, so, even though I'm writing this first, this won't be the first post out. I remember the first time I went to my local public library. My dad took my sister and I there because we (More)
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