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Assignment #4: Submission
Hyperlink of Self-Directed Project: Williamstown: Through the Eyes of a Traveller":  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZIbpAg5BEUURSt345phb0LdzMf_ew0H1?usp=sharing Hyperlink to MediaFactory Blog: http://www.mediafactory.org.au/spring-2020-us (More)
Week 12: The Finale
The final week of this semester! It's been a bit strange, doing an online intensive course during the summer, but I have had a really good time doing it. My classmates were very involved, which I appreciate and it's always nice when you can collabora (More)
Week 11: Assignment #4 Work-in-Progress
Note: I have delayed these two last posts so that it corresponds with my own completion of the assignment #4, my apologies. This week I had a private consultation with Brian about my planning and completion of my final assignment. I decided to cha (More)
Week 10 - The first photo session
The feedback from the previous week's pitch helped me to narrow down my ideas and complete my first shoot with Carla.  A vital piece of advice from the pitch was to ensure that Carla was comfortable with being the subject and having her photo taken, (More)
Week 12 - The photo shoot & editing
With the equipment hired and shoots all planned, we started with our exterior shots selecting a clear sunny day in the city.  We choose some laneways, playing with colour of the street art and Carla’s costumes and then we shot along the river, thinki (More)
Week 11 - Work in progress & Peer feedback
I presented my first series of photos from the live dancing performance to the class and we discussed the improvements that I could make with the lighting.  I was interested to hear about Byron’s project, which was also about dance and was to be set (More)
Week 9 - Project Proposal Presentation Session
To pitch my project, I decided to choose a subject that would allow me to explore different uses of photography in the form of a photo book.  I have chosen to photograph Carla, who is a belly dancer and develop a narrative around the different facets (More)
Assignment # 4 - "Carla"
"Carla" Media Factory U (More)
Week 8 -What use is the term ‘expanded photography’ for thinking about the possibilities of contemporary photography?
The term ‘expanded photography’ is often used to describe the very broad nature of photography in many forms such as personal, scientific, journalistic, commercial or art photography and in which the boundaries between each form is often blurred as C (More)
Week 7 -In what ways can photography be a narrative form?
We often take visual cues from imagery which can be used effectively in photography to take on a narrative form in various ways, such as a single image, a series or through a sequence of images.  An example of a narrative in a single image, is the wo (More)
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