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Unlecture 6: Generating new ideas
I enjoyed this weeks lecture, although the lead up was a little odd. It may be because my tute only had 3 people, but although my question was answered, I felt in the tute I was awkwardly forced to make up a question that I really didn't need answere (More)
My first post is undoubtedly long overdue, but this does not mean I have not reflected at all on what I have heard so far, because I have... a lot. In fact, a little too much, and since the first un-lecture I have been so very excited to begin bloggi (More)
Unlecture: week 3
*sigh* I think perhaps I was less engaged with this weeks unlecture. That conclusion only arrived when I realised there wasn\'t one really strong or interesting point that resonated with me. Normally I can remember lectures by something that was said (More)
Unlecture 4
The audience involvement this week was fun! Even though I didn\'t really contribute, I still felt it kept the lecture more interesting, but still, I walked away without any specific idea about it, perhaps because although there was a \'theme,\' it al (More)
\'Unlecture\' 5: Creativity.
Out of the 3 lecture videos this week, the one I was most interested in was Sir Ken Robinson\'s TED talk. Particularly with the idea that sc (More)
Unlecture 7: Would it really be any fun?
*casual 2 week hiatus....* So, I\'ve been thinking about hypertext recently... Hypertext storytelling is FAR more expansive than just \'choose your own adventure\' style books. While authors do have a large amount of control over that people th (More)
Unlecture 8: What is a \'video-game?\'
One of the main things I have been reflecting on since the unlecture this week, is whether video games are a form of hypertext narrative. Well it\'s obvious that they are not, but I would certainly disagree with something proposed in the lecture; tha (More)
Unlecture 9: Freedom of expression
I liked the thought of Melbourne establishing itself as a creative capital, i mean, for someone who has been all up the east coast cities, as well as Adelaide, its easy to see the difference between there and here. It makes me happy that i have lived (More)
Unlecture 10: Creative freedom and labels.
There were many interesting ideas raised and discussed in this weeks lecture, as well as building upon ideas from previous weeks. for example, the main takeaway idea from the 80/ (More)
Unlecture 11: record EVERYTHING.
In the lecture, it was mentioned that the internet is a free economy. Adrian also talked about how some bands will allow people to record their concerts and share it online. I remembered last year when More)
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