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w o r k s h o p | w e e k 1 2
We presented our rough cut to Catherine on Thursday - link here. I really liked the sound clip that Ben prepared. Having not been able to come up with an idea as a group, B (More)
l e c t o r i a l | w e e k 1 1
I can't say that I was shocked to learnt that there were 6 devices per household. 6.4, to be exact - I'm not sure what the .4 would encompass but it's shocking that it's not shocking news, y'know? Guest lecturer, Dr Ramon Lobato came in to talk t (More)
Every now and then in one’s cinematic career, there comes moments where time stands still. These moments possess an element of sheer and blatant beauty. OK, without sounding too romantic, one such moment took place at a shoot for a documentary that I (More)
If didn’t know any better, I would assume Hunger Games Author Suzanne Collins got her inspiration from this article. In an almost disconcerting revolutionary tone, this piece docume (More)
On Cars and Screens
Driving shotgun in my brother's car, I couldn't help but notice the display hub on the dashboard. The 8-inch touch LCD screen was the most prominent element. The screen was essentially the UI for an onboard computer; the functions of which were acces (More)
For clarification, the 'G' simply stands for 'Generation.' Currently only in the 18th year of my existence, I can only remember the transition to 2G indistinctly – in fact it was our family’s first foray into mobile phones. Officially 2G was first (More)
The Internet of Things
We have the internet, social media, the break from broadcast systems and many other contemporary catchphrases. But what’s next? Imagine a world where your air conditioner talks to your phone which talks to your fridge which talks to your laptop wh (More)
Institutions in Popular Culture: Wall Street
Institutions have characters; they have their values, beliefs and floors, much like individuals. Here, I will examine the way popular culture perceives the character of a specific institution through examining a specific media text: Oliver Stone’s 19 (More)
Here's to the Establishment
Ok, this isn't some political statement. It is a statement about videography equipment brands. Now and then I become aware of those proponents of the big players in camera equipment claiming that start-ups and small companies are unreliable. Usually, (More)
Institutions Close to Home
Mowing one’s grandmother’s lawn on a warm Autumn's afternoon is not generally the situation that evokes an analysis of an institution’s impact on a culture's development. However, as my gaze lowered I began  to realise that the piece of equipment I w (More)
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