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Film Light Assignment 4 Links
http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/04/30/gaffers-really-do-have-grip-trucks/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/05/05/what-does-this-thing-actually-do/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/05/27/from-the-lig (More)
From the Lights to the Diamonds
Many times throughout the semester the idea of cohesion in lighting terms kept coming up. In the early stages of forming the group assignment we collectively decided that both components should be part of a whole, and that however inconsequentially, (More)
A Magnificent Semester
I always close every semester writing about the things I have learned in each respective studio. Many times I am sifting information and academia overload to try find something practical I took away, something I have actually learned during those fou (More)
Gaffers really do have Grip Trucks
Rory, our guest at today's session, is a gaffer with all his own gear (and A LOT of gear). After we all helped bring it all in, we were pushed for time as we made our way through many different and fascinating discussions about lighting. I learned so (More)
What does this thing actually do?
Light Meters. How cool! But are they really useful when your camera has so much tech? I've never had real setup time on any project I've worked on. Never a moment where an actor was off in some room being made up while G&E and camera took t (More)
Lights, Camera, Smoke, Gimbal, Action!
Last night, our group grabbed all the lights we owned, a couple of cars, Michael's Ronin and a small smoke machine and flooded a church carpark with smoke and (More)
Film Light Assignment 3 Links
Reflective Posts: http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/04/24/from-the-walls-to-the-page/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/04/27/lights-camera-smoke-gimbal-action/ Cinematographer Research Post: http://www.mediafa (More)
Cinematographer Research Project: Linus Sandgren
I know, I know, I'm obsessed with La La Land. But Linus is a really interesting cinematographer to look at for a few reasons, firstly, he's a swedish cinematographer who's work is interestingly quite understated, yet very colourful, I think. I know i (More)
From the Walls to the Page
As we're expanding our understanding of camera in regards to Dynamic Range and lighting for exposure. One of the things we've been looking at is an incidence light meter. We did an exercise where we lit a very simple scene and filmed it with availabl (More)
Film Light Assignment 2 Links
Scene Description: http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/03/25/the-danish-girl-film-scene-description/ Weekly Reflections: http://www.mediafactory.org.au/jake-kenner/2018/03/15/leaving-windows-for-the-street-week-three/ http://w (More)
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