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This Is Serial (Blog Post 16)
Today the writers told us to cut large sections of our pilot to fit their vision better. The rewrite we made was the interpretation of 4 of our crew, after being told we wouldn't receive anything beyond a first draft. If they really are so invested i (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 15)
A while ago, I joined the crew of an RMITV show. Because they allow for roles to rotate, I’ve gotten the chance to be the director, assistant director, switcher, and camera operator for multiple episodes. Directing a few episodes of my show has helpe (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 14)
Today our industry guests watched the presentations of our production plans. While I felt bad the other group did not deliver the pilot that they wanted and had planned to deliver, I was very inspired by their collective determination to get it right (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 13)
The writers watched our final rough cut of the pilot. Most of their critiques were about how our work did not live up to their vision of the scenes. I think if they had come to our shoot they could have helped to shape what they wanted to see. A lot (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 12)
Jen has been synching our audio and footage this past week. Today I went in to edit with Jen, Joan and Matilda. We added a suspenseful score to the first scene which I couldn’t get out of my head for the rest of the day. It maintains the light hearte (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 11)
Today we shot scenes 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9 from our pilot script. Because I'm directing and our cinematographer was away for location scouting, I constructed the storyboard, floor plan and shot list. Bridie and I met with the actors and I made sure to s (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 10)
I'm feeling nervous. We've encountered our first issue - an uncertainty about where we will shoot our first scene. For some reason it takes a million technical fixes and a miracle to book a specific room on RMIT Book It or RUSU - as neither of these (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 9)
There is a lot of freedom in making a web series. We have the freedom to follow a traditional flow of producing content, as is done for broadcast television and films, or we can divert from this because there is no network we are trying to appeal to. (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 8)
I realise I've been confused. The script we received today is only a first draft. None of our ideas have been used - the use of the vlog, interview, or flashback. I will definitely be revising this script for its strange flow and unnatural dialogue. (More)
This Is Serial (Blog Post 7)
Our class has fifteen willing media students, with equipment and a desire to create, but ultimately no script from our writers. I will admit I was frustrated to only receive a synopsis after all these weeks. Robin told us that outside a class envi (More)
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