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Week 6 Symposium
Can technology progress independently of art and culture? What is the untapped potential of hypertext?  Will we ever be satisfied with it? Have internet users lost a sense of privacy?  Is blogging a form of narcissism? (More)
A bit of privacy, please! Symposium Week 6
Have internet users lost a sense of privacy? The other week my friend and I were at a party, in typical girl fashion we had separated ourselves from the rest of the party so we could discuss something that was really bothering us. Both of us are, (More)
The 11th Symposium
Today\'s lecture was opened by Adrian who told us about an app he purchased for $4.50 that produces posters, and how, as a result of this app, he is satisfied with the results and doesn\'t require a graphic designer to do the work for him. I thought (More)
What\'s in the Middle?
Does a network have a centre? The answer is, it depends. What kind of network? What defines a centre? The Internet network has no direct epi (More)
Joystick Films - The RC Camera
In last week\'s Networked Media symposium, the bulk of discussion surrounded databases. Having already touched on this in a previous post, (More)
The Lytro camera
The first lecture for Networked Media, or symposium shall we call it, was overwhelming at the least. However there was one thing that was mentioned which particularly caught my attention - the Lytro camera. The what camera? Don\'t worry, I hadn\'t (More)
What if Little Red never met the Big Bad Wolf?
Once upon a time there was a bloke by the name of Aristotle. He was born into the 300\'s BC. He  revolutionised an excessive number of concepts through his philosophical writi (More)
Haters can hate, but not in AUS
I found myself wondering during this week\'s Networked Media symposium if in fact I had stepped it a Law lecture. It seemed that the hour (time flies when you\'re having fun, right?) was an episode of Suits (More)
Adrian Vs Betty, Round 6
I\'ve decided calling the Networked Media \'lecture\' a symposium could take a twist this week. Introducing the lengthy intellectual boxing match between the course tutors! It seems like they\'re always disagreeing, which at least provides me with so (More)
What is Neutral?
Can technologies be neutral? This question, which we discussed in Networked Media Symposium 8.0, was a tricky one. To be able to answer the question, we first need to decide on what actually is neutral. Let\'s start off by actually looking at t (More)
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