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Final Reflection for Seeing the Unseen
My studio experience:  Reflecting back from the start of the semester, I only had a vague idea of what noticing was supposed to be until I had to go through four of the assessments that were assigned to us. Through the tasks that were given to us (More)
This time around, I decided to separate my Unnatural video according to the locations that it was taken. These are the locations in the following order: My home in De (More)
Week 11 Feedback Session
Like the feedback session for Task 3, another session was also held for the Task 4 rough cuts and at that stage, I had already finished recording both the 'natural' and the unnatural'. I was second to last in showcasing my work. Here is a screenshot (More)
Results from Collecting Footage from the UNnatural
Much like the previous recording of the natural footage, I went to several locations in order to capture the unnatural aspects of the environment that surround us. It was pretty much the same process as collecting footage for the natural aspects and (More)
Prompt/Recipe for the Unnatural
Recording the Unnatural Areas  This prompt will be very similar to the natural areas prompt, with a few different elements taken into consideration. Ingredients: a camera, the same DSLR you have been using since Task 3 a tripod a pur (More)
Results from Collecting Footage for the Natural
Prior to visiting several of my location, I decided to research before visiting the area to get a better feel and knowledge of what I was going to record. It was not necessarily an extensive research of the place but rather a quick Google search of w (More)
Prompt/Recipe for Task 4 - Recording the Natural Areas
Recording the Natural Areas  Ingredients: a camera, the same DSLR you have been using since Task 3 a tripod a purpose to notice the unseen – in this case, look for the natural aspects of the environment you will be recording and noticin (More)
Narrative VS. Non-Narrative
Week 4's task involved us into using the media we have collected and we all had to create a narrative and a poetic approach out of it. My visit to Brunswick gave me an idea of making a "tour" video, showing the streets of the town for the narrative (More)
Lizzie and I have decided to notice our locations based on the time limit and formula of 10 pictures in 10 minutes (thus, 1 image per minute) and a 10-second video of the chosen location. In my mind, I knew this task was definitely going to be rel (More)
Assignment One: Part C [Untold Stories]
Part C: Research Montage 6km from the cbd from Georgia Cerni on Vimeo. My research montage '6km from the cbd' is a spotli (More)
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