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COMPILATION 2 Index Blogpost_Elsa
Week 4 Blogpost TOPIC: Observational Mode Week 4 Blogpost_Elsa   Week 5 Bl (More)
Week 4 Blogpost_Elsa
(1) Class Discussions Observational mode is the theme of this week. We can see from the word that this mode is no interaction with the camera.  I think deeply about “Is such an act in and of itself voyeuristic?” by Nicholas. In this real scene witho (More)
Week 5 Blogpost_Elsa
(1) Class Discussions "speaking not only about the historical world but also about the problems and issues of representing it." by Nichols explained the meaning of this particular documentary mode, reflective mode. and Nichols also mentioned that (More)
COMPILATION 1 Index Blogpost_Elsa
Week 1 Blogpost TOPIC: Poetic mode Week 1 Blogpost_Elsa   Week 2 Blogpost TOPIC: ExpositoryMode More)
Week 3 Blogpost_Elsa
(1) Class Discussions In this week, on the Participatory mode reading part, the questions were inspired me. Since Charlotte posted out, it magnified my feeling, especially on the feeling of the subject's sense of manipulating. Because I have had t (More)
Week 1 Blogpost_Elsa
(1) Class Discussions I believe this article is from a classical book. Because and especially at the start of this article. We can see some high-quality clear explanation table of the differences between different modules and modes. And these inform (More)
Week 2 Blogpost_Elsa
(1) Class Discussions In the reading, the "points can be made succinctly and pointedly in words" by Nichols is explained straight forward to the essential point of expository mode. This also leads us to the main view, it addressed the audience dir (More)
Final media factory blog post_G14 Back to the Tattoo Studio
Back to the tattoo Studio: https://vimeo.com/mediafactoryrmit/review/490152915/cf76c74635 Elsa, Bingqing Lin s3757408 More)
Real to Real_ Blog 3
When I start with the non fiction media, I believe our job is to make a video reflect the real world and convince the audience this story truly happened in the real world. Also, as a producer, I hope that my production can bring to the public a meani (More)
Real to Real_ Blog 1
Most of the time when we shoot documentaries, we always involve the "human". At this time, for "human" we have a sense of free mind, which is different from other species. It is important for our ordinary people and the owners of some valuables have (More)
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