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Assignment 2 Short Audio Feature (Telling Stories with Sound)
For this assignment, I wanted to focus on the emotion of sadness for this interview. Before recording, I told my subject to talk about the days before our grandpa passed. When I listened to Rosenthal’s HowSound podcast “Interviewing For Emotions”, he (More)
Assignment 4 Reflection Part 1 Individual Feature Story (Telling Stories with Sound)
For my individual story, I tried a different approach on grief as my last assignment was based on my grandpa’s passing. I decided to do a story based on a break up. To get really creative, I was inspired by ‘Summer Rain’ story from Radio Atlas as I a (More)
Assignment 4 Reflection Part 2 Group Produced Podcast Episode (Telling Stories with Sound)
During the making of our podcast episode, we decided to have one presenter for our episode as it is simpler and more straightforward. Referring to ‘From Upspeak To Vocal Fry: Are We 'Policing' Young Women's Voices?’ I find it interesting that the soc (More)
(De/Re)constructing Genre // A4 What Was Left Unsaid
What Was Left Unsaid from Media Factory on Vimeo.     Please make sure you are logged into an RMIT Googl (More)
(De/Re)constructing Genre // A1 Reading & Reflection
READING & REFLECTION For this assignment's reading & reflection task, I have selected the reading "Films: Genres and Genre Theory" by Ib Bondebjerg. I will admit, genre is not something I have spent much time considering before taki (More)
that week 11 reflection I was supposed to do earlier
Things are finally coming together, which is a big relief because I have been very stressed about it. Last week we had a very productive meeting on Friday after still not having everything together on Wednesday when we were supposed to. But what we d (More)
the implicit danger of crossing the road
So I love a metaphor, most writers do, I really don't understand writers who don't love a metaphor I mean how are you supposed to convey stuff to people if you can't compare it to something else. So, crossing the road. When you cross the road ther (More)
if the sharks eat me here's what I didn't get done
So things have kicked off. I feel like I've jumped into the deep end of the pool and then immediately forgotten how to swim, and oh by the way the swimming pool people imported sharks yesterday and I have ten minutes (or two weeks) until they eat me. (More)
the things that I actually learnt (assessment 2 reflection)
  I think as artists we concentrate on perfection. On making a consumable, finished product, because we have to merchandise our skills to live in this capitalist world and so we learn to be better. We learn to be perfect.   But whe (More)
I kept it simple this week. The concept of an essay film was one I struggled to grasp and to be honest I'm still not sure that I got it (I feel like I end up saying that a lot). This has been a bad week, so it makes sense that that was the vibe I lat (More)
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