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How would you define Instagram?
Assignment 1 Making Media / Context question 3. How would you define Instagram? Let's start the process of getting into the reading on Instagram with a documentary. Abstract: The Art of Desig (More)
ASSIGNMENT 3 - Festival Production
  Assignment 3 The critical session  Weeks 11-12 More)
The final reflection
Final thoughts on living the festival experience   The inaugural MIYFF came and went in an almost dizzying flash and despite a lot worrying, a mouse appearing on the Backlot screen, guests not turning up and some very fruity tasting beer, I think (More)
Programming // Mia Falstein-Rush
Reflections on class This week we had Mia Falstein-Rush come into the class to talk about film festival programming. Mia's super impressive resume included being the 'Submissions & Shorts Programmer' at MIFF and the director of the Seen and He (More)
Weeks 11-12
Thoughts This semester saw two periods where I dedicated a substantial amount of my time to MIYFF, the first was weeks 3-6 when I was watching and choosing films to screen, and the other were week's 11 and 12, where I was organising publicity for (More)
Criticism Session
Thoughts // Reflections The criticism class featuring RMIT's Rohan Spong and CHIFF's Erin Rosenberg was a truly insightful experience but also quite an alarming one. Although the advice offered by both Erin and Rohan was extremely insightful and r (More)
ASSIGNMENT 2 – (Reflections on) Preliminary Event Production
Week 4 - MIYFF's Alive!? Week 5 - Thoughts on promotions and pu (More)
Collective Thought
Are we going to make it? With two weeks until the event, week 10 was final week before the madness that will be the final 10 days before the event. I have a series of thoughts about the inception of MIYFF and even at week 10, I'm still nervous abo (More)
Programming // fundraiser // announcement // media release
Reflections on class Programming This class was spent mainly with the submissions and programming team, as we showed short films we'd found to each other and talked about other short films we liked. I think we are pretty confident that we will (More)
MIYFF's alive!?
Reflections on class This week we started to delegate tasks and actually start building the foundation of MIYFF. The submissions team, which included Alice, Maddy, Tristan, Brandon and I had set up and launched the MIYFF filmfreeway account and li (More)
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