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Social Media Purpose
When I was looking for the meaning of Social Media, one article gave the most clarifying definition as “Social media are web-based communication tools that e (More)
Social Media Inspirations
Social media platforms are the biggest communication media and influencers in the youngest generations. Compared to the previous generations, which were limited to traditional communication broadcasts, the power of spreading information on these plat (More)
Social Media and Sensis data
My understanding of Social Media platforms as a tool of connections allows me to share my reflections based on my therapy experience and using other professionals help. When we learn more about how our body and mind works, all of our insecurities pro (More)
Assignment 1 - Making Sense of Social Media
Links for Social Media Assignment 1: http://www.mediafactory.org.au/mayaragenarosilva/2021/03/23/social-media-purpose/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/mayaragenarosilva/2021/03/23/social-media-inspirations/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/ma (More)
Picture This: Assignment 3
Work-In-Progress blog post: Let's See What You Got Presentation blog post: More)
Week 9 Preparations for Task 4
To begin the final project for this studio, we were given a set of questions in order to prompt us for the final task. From the final stages of Task 3, my plan (More)
Experiment, Reflection - Experiment III and Final Project Ideas
Now for the third and final experiment, having mentioned it multiple times in my previous experiment, I compiled the images and videos I took over the past few weeks and compared the two from each other. For this experiment, I simmered it down to thr (More)
Text Version of My Pitch
(Link to my pitch) Experiment I – Notici (More)
Seeing the Unseen Pitches - the Verdict and Feedback
After the pitch, I received feedback on my work, particularly on the pattern, colours, camera work and the contention behind the results of my experiments. The following dot points are a mix of some positive responses and also suggestions for the fin (More)
Experiment and Reflection - Experiment II
Here are the results of what I captured through photography, and editing it into a collage through Photoshop! I will now be stating and discussing the similarities and differences between these two opposing images. These differences range from the co (More)
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