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Project 3: Friday in Melbourne
Friday In Melbourne, is a small-scale interactive documentary that describing the Friday life of Melbourne in four different person's point of view from 8am to midnight, where two of them depicted their life in Melbourne city, and the other two was r (More)
Macro lens experiment
Taking advantage of this fickle summer weather and its tedious storms, I grabbed my macro lens and ran out into my garden to record some b roll. It was really beautiful the way the water droplets clung to the leaves and flowers, and in utilising a ma (More)
Immersion Audit: National Gallery of Victoria
  Art gallery seems to be a place for everyone, but at the same time, only for those art passionates who truly consider visiting art galleries as one of their hobbies as well, especially in this contemporary world that being filled with electro (More)
Audiovisual Response
The sound piece that I had chosen, was a content-rich work that would be called as a mixture of realities and fictions, which contains quite an amount of fancy sound effects, such as pitch shifting and some weird monster roaring sound, and sounds f (More)
Here it comes, the exciting part of the first complete folio for this photo study tour. Click the link below. The Remains of the Day - Photo Folio (More)
Throughout the process of collecting media I tried to document things from my point of view. I figured that if this wasn't going to be standard self portrait where you see my face, I should show you the way I view my world. My identity also lies in t (More)
In my self-portrait I tried to present myself through a kind of visual diary entry. The beginning and end of the video are flanked with a piece o (More)
In class this week we showed our rough cuts to other people. They were required to say something successful about the rough cut and also something to improve on. Feedback: Can hear the question in the interviewee's answer It was interestin (More)
As we get very close to the due date for Project Brief 3, this week's workshop was an essential time to get feedback. We were to ask our group questions about our rough cuts that we wanted answers to. I like this method of getting feedback because it (More)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbO9_r_h1v8 The interview section of the video may be the most successful part of the video. I framed the shot well and I think the location where I shot it really helped convey the whole topic of the interview. The (More)
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